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First countdown con, now this... *cries and dies*

I dreaded this day coming ~ but I thought Kinki's & Coming Century would go first. (T.T)

Anyways, why did they have to go now? Not like there's a new group to take up the pages...Just scrap the individual HSJ photoshops ~ push them into group photoshoots.

I think it's such a bad step always, like with SMAPPIES. Right when they're at the height of popularity they get scrapped from JE mags, JE countdown concerts...basically JE. And they get crappy TV show formats. Srsly. HnA & AnS - pretty much the same. Not why I fell in love with Arashi. wtf?! What happened to actually filming stuff outside, with the focus on real people...what happened with Arashi being 'real people'...since when did they become just celebs chatting to other celebs?! Sorry, I don't care if Arashi get more 'honorable' assignments or in what would be Morning Musume terms 'graduating' or even 'moving up' ~ it's distancing them from their fans, which, tbh, is the worst thing a so-called 'idol' can do. When in need, I blame Johnny! =P

Sorry about the rant, just had to let the cat out of the bag. (^-^')
Really though, 6 years I've dedicated to my boys...don't want to see them deteriorate like this...
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[Fanfic] Aiba Masaki and the Philosopher's Stone - List of Links



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Title: Aiba Masaki and the Philosopher's Stone
Fandom: Arashi, Johnny's Ent, Harry Potter
Pairings: Ohmiya, Tsuyoshi/Koichi, Sakuraiba, Koyashige, Tackey/Tsubasa...
Genre: Crossover
Rating: 12+
Warnings: Humorous Nudity, Mild swearing, Boy on Boy Love
Disclaimer: Only Johnny owns people. And J.K.Rowling owns her imaginary world. as if someone didn't know who created Harry Potter *rolls eyes*
Summary: You've all read the HP books/seen the films right? Well, basically...this is gonna be my attempt at HP Arashi-style. lol. It's taken more from the film rather than the books because the films are nice and condensed & i don't want to end up re-writing all the books. :P

xx[Chapter One]xx
xx[Chapter Two]xx
xx[Chapter Three]xx
xx[Chapter Four]xx
xx[Chapter Five]xx
xx[Chapter Six]xx
xx[Chapter Seven]xx
xx[Chapter Eight]xx
xx[Chapter Nine]xx
xx[Chapter Ten]xx
xx[Chapter Eleven]xx
xx[Chapter Twelve]xx
xx[Chapter Thirteen]xx
xx[Chapter Fourteen]xx
xx[Chapter Fifteen]xx
xx[Chapter Sixteen]xx
xx[Chapter Seventeen]xx
xx[Chapter Eighteen]xx
xx[Chapter Nineteen]xx

xx[Character List]xx

Russian Translations by misaki7chan :
Chapters 1-8
Chapters 9-13
Chapters 14+


Minna~ quick question; Anyone know where you can download recent Junstyle's? I see so many people nowadays uploading Aiba's & Ohno's...but why not Junstyle? o.O I miss listening to it every week. (-.-)

Btw, just to let you guys know, I may possibly be changing my LJ to friends-only soon. ^.^' That way I can upload stuff's freely. lol.
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taipi and akun


Minna~! Have you all come across TAKICHANnel?! It's run by Tackey & is used to 'promote' (I guess) the Juniors more~ If you haven't, you must visit it! -To the TAKICHANnel!-

Isn't Tackey like soooo great, focusing a lot on the Juniors always <3 I can totally see him taking the place of Johnny one day xDDD I guess Tackey was like the most popular Junior in his day, but now, somehow the other groups seem to have more popularity that his. Tackey & Tsubasa's kinda lost it popularity a bit, ne? (T.T) Anyhow, he seems to put a lot of effort always into the Juniors, so he really deserves to kinda 'take control' one day. ^--^

Jyaaaa~ Mata ne~ xoxo
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Fanvid Time!



Have you heard Kylie Minogues latest song? I really like it! (Which is amazing considering I rarely-rarely like English music) lol!
Well anyways, it inspired me to make a quick fanvid dedicated to some of my previous fandoms and my current love. ^//^

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