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I come bearing goodies!

Otokogumi - Rollin' in the Dark (1988 Music Station Performance)


Arashi - Believe (2009 Music Station Performance)


I've decided I really should give my LJ a good sort-out, so I can use it once more. ^-^/ I will be running through the layout, tags and possibly making some Master Posts in order to organise all my graphics, media, fanfiction etc.

This does mean however, I will shortly be making my LJ Friends Only. At the moment I accept without having a rules/reply post, this may change too.

Well~ Enjoy the goodies and drop me a comment/message! P^o^P
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Wink Up - April 2011

Sat eating a Pot Noodle & Flicked through Wink Up April 2011 & OMG JUN~! ☆ \(^o^)/

Scanned 2 of the pages (excuse the bad scanning ^^')

Need more pics of him with that hair ♥
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Stampy Time~!

Really into making stamps at the moment. (^.^')

Plus a few iconz~

Will make some more laters & post a full-icon post. ヽ(・∀・ )ノ
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...:::Full Icon Post:::...

Finally got Photoshop CS on my Laptop~! やったね~☆


☆#11 Top Gear (Vietnam SP & Ground Force SP)
☆#7 Arashi (6x Matsujun & 1x Sho)

☆#1 Arashi Wallpaper (Group // Sakura-theme)

Everything under the cut~ ^-^/

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